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UrinalScreens.us is an online retailer dedicated to providing the best of breed janitorial supplies and hygiene products. We can evaluate and recommend the most suitable products to eliminate odors and provide hygienic solutions in your restrooms.

Urinalscreens.us Anti-Splashback Technology

The anti-splashback technology featured on these unique urinal screens was developed by an emerging California based company, ekcos Innovations.  Providing users with many benefits including: 
  • Effective splashback control
  • Elimination of bacterial cross-contamination
  • Cleaner floors/partitions
  • Maintenance and repair cost savings
  • Increased customer appreciation
Urinal Screens USA technology protects from splashback unlike other models as captured below:

What Our Customer’s Are Saying

“As the Facilities Manager for Method 180 I had been struggling to find a successful urinal screen that eliminates splashback, and helps improve the overall cleanliness of our restrooms. We had not been pleased at all with the urinal screens that are currently on the market that claim to be anti-splash.

We were introduced to ekcoscreen by our local supply sales rep and we have been a happy customer ever since. ekcoscreen truly delivers on eliminating urine splashback and our restrooms stay cleaner longer. They are more expensive than what we were using in the past but they last twice as long and they work! I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve the hygiene of their bathrooms at work.” Phill Smith

Facilities Manager , Method 180

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