The anti-splashback technology featured on these unique urinal screens was developed by an emerging California based company, ekcos Innovations.

The founders of ekcos Innovations discovered a major hygiene problem around the urinals and for users when splashback from the urinal occurs.

After several years of research and development, they created the Patent Pending Bristle Technology that is featured on their two main products: ekcoscreen and PowerScreen, providing users with a more hygienic and cost effective benefits such as:

  • Effective splashback control
  • Elimination of bacterial cross contamination
  • Cleaner floors / partitions
  • Maintenance and repair cost savings
  • Increased customer appreciation



Timed Release Technology…

The ëkcoscreen bristle technology is so effective more and more companies are starting to copy the technology. Due to patent infringements they can’t copy it all the way, but they try. As they always say the truest form of flattery is imitation. The reality is ekcos innovations created and invented this technology so we will never carry any of the products that imitate or rip off any other product in the marketplace. We have high standards and we will never support bad business ethics. You will never find any products on our website that are not 100% original. We also will not sell products made in China.

Bristle Technology Changes the World…

How can something so simple change the world? It seems that the whole world suffers from urine splashback and splatter. All urinals have this problem no matter what part of the world they are in. All users hate the poor hygiene of urinals. This is how we ran across our first ekcoscreen. We were traveling in Australia and used local urinals. We were amazed at this new product with stand up bristles. We thought how clever of these Australians to have such a great product. We began our search to see who made these urinal screens and found out it was a US based company. Wow it was exciting to see an American urinal screen being used in such a faraway place. This peaked our interest in this bristle technology even further and that is how we came to form a business on such a great product. No wonder the whole industry is now chasing their product.


Urinal Screen…..who cares?

Turns out bacterial transfer is a major problem that has not really had much attention focused on it from the media. We feel every step that can be taken to avoid bacterial transfer and contamination is important such as silver door knobs to prevent bacterial transfer. Urinal screens prevent urine from splattering everywhere. These proactive changes work. They keep bacteria confined. The risk of cross contamination is limited. The USA in the last 10 years has fallen behind on public restroom hygiene. Now our restrooms across the USA almost resemble the public facilities of third world countries. Why did the USA stop caring about public restroom hygiene? Why did users stop caring? Japan realized that a clean inviting restroom is good for business. Japan now has the most modern and clean restrooms in Asia which support sprawling shopping and dining on all toll highways. Yes that is right on highways. They are what we know as rest areas. Japan has created a booming business and profit center out of a rest area. The driving force to this…….clean inviting restrooms. Smart.